Full Sit in Service

The Board of the Jimmy Pratt Centre has established  a task committee to develop the strategic for a safe and well organized full service sit meal programs for this fall. All programming will revert back to full service early in September. All Covid safety issues are being addressed and our volunteers have completed a certificate program on Food Handling Safety as will as working within Covid 19 restrictions.

Chaired by Anne Marche, our Board Chair, a comprehensive mandate and terms of reference have been  developed and a series of meetings will take place over the summer months to will address all key issues, make recommendations to the board of directors for implementation as part of the life after covert make recommendations to the board.  All three programs  sectors will be involved including program volunteers.

The Seniors Inclusion Program will hold a membership gathering in mid August as a “Picnic in the Park”. This outing will provide an opportunity interact socially. While this is intended to be a relaxed “fun” day with games, entertainment and a picnic lunch, it will also be an opportunity bring a friend  that they may wish to become a member when we return in September.

All Covid restrictions and distancing criteria existing at that time will be exercised.

Details to follow!