OWLS to Resume

The OWLS Program is designed to provide seniors an opportunity to learn new skills or provide informal lessons to teach skills known to them. It is a means to engage seniors in meaningful activities while improving opportunities for social interaction. The focus will be on skills and the ability for seniors to train other seniors in areas such as woodworking, knitting, baking or other life skills.

Products produced will to donated to The Jimmy Pratt Centre to be provided free of charge to its patrons.

We are looking for a senior that would be interested in teaching their peers how to knit socks, and later mitts. We are also looking for a senior that could teach others how to bake homemade bread and rolls, and later bananna bread.
We would pay a stipend to the teacher of $25/ hour. For each skill that is taught, there would be one two hour session each week, for four to six weeks.
If you are interseted, you can call (709)-726-8781 or email office@georgestunitedchurch.com for more information.