A Little Bit About Us

Who are we?

The Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre Inc. is a provincially incorporated not-for-profit organization and is a registered charity through the Canada Revenue Agency. We have an active Board of Directors and our day to day operations are managed entirely by volunteers.

Our Beginnings

The Soup Kitchen, located on the lower level of George Street United Church, opened at the Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre with financial support from Kathleen Pratt Legrow. Since its inception in January 2002 the Centre has served over 120,000 meals.

Addressing the Need

Thanks to the patronage of our corporate sponsors, fundraising efforts, our volunteers, and government program support, the Jimmy Pratt Centre offers three main programs:

  • The Husky Breakfast Program which provides a “hot breakfast” every Monday morning from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM
  • Our Seniors’ Inclusion Program every Wednesday which offers seniors a fitness program, a meal, and some social time at 11 AM
  • Our signature Friday Soup Kitchen which provides a hot lunch every Friday and runs from 10:30 AM to 12 PM.

Other Programs

As part of our regular supports we continue to offer a Computer Access Program based on information gathered in a comprehensive needs analysis. Many patrons suggested that this service would be a valuable addition by providing Internet access for job searching and communication utilizing email.

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The Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre is an incorporated body and registered charity dedicated to the support of individuals needing help to manage the challenges of everyday life. We are committed to realistic values. You can read more about our vision and mission here.


One of the major keys to the successful operations and programming at the Jimmy Pratt Centre continues to be our sponsors. Volunteers that originate from these sponsors work at the Centre on a weekly basis and form the nucleus of our overall volunteer program operations and management.

That is not to say that that we are not in need of financial support, far from it, our sponsors provide both. They offer volunteers and considerable funds to ensure that the Centre can meet the various goals and objectives that continue to provide the formula for success.

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From Facebook

The Jimmy Pratt Centre will be closed for meal services (takeaway) from February 11th 2021 – February 26th inclusive. This is a temporary suspension of services to reconfigure both the Monday Husky Breakfast Program and the Friday Soup Kitchen. Any changes to this schedule will be available on our social media pages or by calling the Office at 726-8785. We regret any inconvenience this my cause and look forward to serving you again following the reconfiguration.J-POC Board of Directors ...
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The Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre - Seniors Inclusion Program“OWLS”When you see a picture of an owl or someone mentions owls in a conversation or document, what is the first word that comes to mind? Right you are, it is wisdom or wise nine times our of a ten.As a result of the restrictions created due to Covid 19, the Jimmy Pratt Centre has had to curtail activities of its Senior’s Inclusion Program in early March 2020. Since that time, the board of the Centre along with volunteers and staff have carried out several activities that were virtual in nature to help seniors remain active. In 2020 we had fruit hamper deliveries, food hamper deliveries, a fitness DVD for seniors featuring stretch and balanced exercise, a virtual trip around the bay via DVD and a senior’s Connect Program. These programs were supported by both the Federal and Provincial Government.After considerable discussion and thought, we were able to identify an area that was certainly a very easily identified asset of seniors both individually and collectively. Just imagine, the many areas of expertise that seniors have developed over a lifetime. The list is endless, almost as endless as the needs of people we serve at the Centre.Consider just a few! Cooking, carpentry, knitting, sewing, cleaning, driving, and we will stop there. Just think about yourself, I would bet that if we brought several groups of 5 or 6, we could identify several skill and experience sets that could be applied at the centre for meet various needs that currently exist.Hence, OWLS “Older Workers Lifelong Skills Just think about it! Life during Covid 19 has not been easy and finding meaningful things to do would be a God send. Not only would they help to pass the time, but they would offer all sorts of benefits to many aspects of the community and our fellow seniors and yes, even youth learning new skills and opportunities. Funding for this program is provided by United Church of Canada Foundation and the Covid 19 Compassion Fund.Interested? If so, call us and register to become a participant is one of several round table forums dedicated to identifying skills, practical application for utilization of products and services that could be offered and, how we might turn these opportunities to a safe program both on sight and from home.We will be hiring a coordinator to assist move this concept forward and help make this another successful offering from the Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre.Telephone: (709) 7268781 or (709) 685-0066Email: contact@jimmyprattcentre.ca or office@georgestunitedchurch.com ...
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NOTICE - Annual General MeetingThe 2020 Annual Meeting of the Centre (J-POC) is scheduled for January 26th and depending on the registered number of attendees, it will be decided later if it will be at the Centre or a virtual meeting via Zoom.We encourage all volunteers and friends of the Jimmy Pratt Centre to attend. You can register for the meeting by calling the office at 726-8775 or via email to office@georgestunuitedchurch.com.Thank You ...
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Christmas Vegetable HamperGeorge St. United Church, home of the Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre, is currently carrying out exterior repairs and upgrades to the facilities super structure. Next year (2021) these stabilization repairs will be completed. As a means to generate the necessary funds for completion of the project, we are offering fresh, locally grown, Christmas vegetable hampers.Hampers are $20.00 ea. and contain potatoes, carrot, turnip and cabbage (13 lbs of fresh local vegetables). Hamper orders may be picked up or delivered on December 23rd.To order or request more information, please call the church office at (709) 726-8775.As a reward for your support, one purchaser and one seller will win a full turkey hamper with a fresh local turkey or a Butterball Turkey and all the trimmings including the Old Port Saltbeef and local vegetables from Keith's Farm and Roadside Market In CBS.We appreciate your support. Please Stay Safe! ...
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Once again it will be a takeaway service with hot meals for both programs. Service will be from the main entrance on George St. 2/2 #stjohnsnl #Newfoundland #NewfoundlandAndLabrador

Jimmy Pratt Centre reopens!

The JPC has completed the various safety upgrades introduced to maximize the safety of patrons and volunteers. As of Monday, March 15th it will be business as usual with the Husky Breakfast Program and the Friday soup Kitchen on March 19th . 1/2

The Jimmy Pratt Centre will be closed for meal services (takeaway) from February 11th 2021 – February 26th inclusive. This is a temporary suspension of services to reconfigure both the Monday Husky Breakfast Program and the Friday Soup Kitchen.

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Your generosity enables the Centre to deliver much needed services to the community facing hurdles and barriers to everyday life. Please consider making an online donation or contact our office to learn more about options in support of the many services offered at the Centre.