Volunteer Appreciation Night

  The Board of Directors of the Centre appreciate the work of the many volunteers that make the Centre  a growing success. With this in mind,  the entire board decided to  prepare a hot dinner for the volunteers with all  arrangements and coordination including the actual cooking of the meal Read more…


“200” Meals Served Weekly!

The Jimmy Pratt Centre currently offers a “hot breakfast” every Monday Morning as well as a hot meal for lunch every Friday. The kitchen is run totally by volunteers who prepare and serve the meals with added support from corporate sponsors.

Volunteers are the key component to continued service and consistency in quality.



Seniors Inclusion Program

Regularly scheduled programs and special events at the Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre include our Senior’s Inclusion Program (SIP). The program operates from September – May each year with several activities including outings, guest speakers, entertainment and a great meal menu all offered in a warm and welcoming setting. Join us Read more…


Our Sponsors


Through the generous support of corporate sponsors, and the hard work of their staff along with our volunteers we are able to provide a hot, nutritious meals to all that come. No one is turned away. If we run out of food, we simply prepare more. No one goes away without a meal. (more…)


Gifts with Vision

The Board of Directors of the Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre is pleased to announce that beginning on October 1st 2018 the Centre will be included as one of the top ten charities included in the Gifts with Vision Calendar. This is a national program coordinated by the United Church of Read more…


Activities Video

Please click on the video to see an overview of the day to day workings of our outreach Centre. Please note that the breakfast Program is Sponsored by Husky Energy both Financially and with weekly volunteers. The Soup Kitchen on Friday is sponsored by our Corporate Community and shown in Read more…


St. Kevins, Fruit Sharing

On Tuesday the students and teachers of St.Kelvins visited the Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre and at the Salvation Army Lunch distributed fruit hampers to the patrons at the Centre. This is the second time these students have raised funds to purchase fruit to offer to the Centre’s patrons  Phorsha Read more…