JP Board Considering Hosting Christmas Day Dinner

            Over the past few years, the LeGrow Family has coordinated and prepared a full Christmas Day Dinner hosted at the Jimmy Pratt Memorial Outreach Centre  The Board of Directors has considering doing the came event this year on Christmas. Information gathering is almost finished and looks very promising for

Volunteer Commitment is Vital.

      "Our Smiling Volunteers" The Jimmy Pratt Centre exists based on the generosity of our volunteers that week in week out give freely of their time and energy to make certain we can continue our programs to assist these that need help with the day to day challenges of everyday life, The need

Bright Future Projected for 2023-2024

                           Seniors Planning for Growth! The Senior's Inclusion Program is set to resume on September 13th, 2023, in the Jimmy Pratt Centre. On August 9th over fifty members and leaders gathered for s summer BBQ at North Bank Lodge in Pippy Park. This outing temporarily replaced our usual "Trip Around the

Seniors Inclusion Programming Fall 2023

      Fall 2023 Seniors Inclusion Program If you enjoy meeting people attending social gatherings and are 55 years or older, you will undoubtedly be interested in this program dedicated to Seniors. The Jimmy Pratt Seniors Inclusion Program (SIP) is dedicated to seniors as an activity to provide inclusion, fitness, and recreation. This program

Jimmy Pratt Outreach Centre Board of Directors 2023

JPC Board of Directors 2023 Jimmy Pratt incorporation articles have provision for nine (9) directors and currently, eight are registered with the Registrar of Companies here in the province. We are seeking one additional volunteer to fill the vacancy and bring us up to a full complement. Current Directors include: Krista Koerner          Board Chair Peter Elliott           Vice

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