Member of George St Church a lifetime. Volunteer at the Friday Program since 2003. Has served on the church council and committees as well as the board of the Jimmy Pratt Centre.


The Centre prides itself on developing programs that meet current needs and those of the future. Programming is therefore geared to identified needs and offers the flexibility for ongoing change.


The Jimmy Pratt Centre offers a number of outreach objectives and are centred around community need. We reach out to all facets of the community to offer help in many aspects of everyday life. Whether its our seniors, those facing barriers to everyday life, we offer a helping hand.


In order to energize innovative fundraisers, The board of Jimmy Pratt has been instrumental in the coordination of such events as Hot Soup and Cool Jazz as well as several other major fundraisers like Corporate Dinners, concerts and rentals. Check out our calendar of events.


The Jimmy Pratt Centre is governed by a board of directors composed of nine local individuals. The board meets on a monthly basis and also serves on working committees to ensure the consistent governance of the organization, its vision, mission as well as goals and objectives. There are many ways to reach us, find out how.


Your generosity enables the Centre to deliver much needed services to the community facing hurdles and barriers to everyday life. Please consider making an online donation or contact our office to learn more about options in support of the many services offered at the Centre.